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Self-adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape

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Is woven from fiberglass bulk yarn then coated with anti-alkaline resin and gum solution cut from a special machine.It could used on reinforcing wall cracks,board cracks,plasterboard cracks and marble cement,in addition to repairing drywall joints.

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It is a kind of woven fiberglass,alkali-resistantnetlike fabric that has been coated with adhesive and cut into the required sizes.
Sizes:50mm×20m,50mm×45m,50mm×90m, 50mm×150mEtc.
Ideal material to repair damaged dry wall,cracks and holes
Very easy and quick to apply it.
Packing:one roll with shrink film packing or plastic bag.Then 24 rolls or 54 rolls or 72 rolls for one carton or pallet
Self-adhesive mesh belt (also known as joint belt) is made of glass fiber mesh cloth as the base material by self-adhesive emulsion composite, the product has excellent self-adhesive, superior adhesion, strong spatial stability, is the ideal material in the construction industry to prevent wall and ceiling cracks and gypsum board joint enhancement. Compared with the paper tape widely used in the market, the construction is simple, can be directly affixed to the wall without glue, good strength can reach 400N/50mm above to break (good strength indicates strong crack resistance), mesh breathable, not foam, long service life, glass fiber is inorganic products, Will not appear as long as the paper mildew and strength of 3-5 years after the phenomenon of cracking. In addition, the construction does not need to be coated in advance, quick use, easy construction.
The product has the following performance characteristics: the product has excellent self-adhesive, superior adhesion, strong spatial stability, simple construction, high strength, good breathable, no foam, long service life, anti-mildew.
Use: repair dryboard wall, gypsum board joint, all kinds of wall cracks and other wall damage
Main properties: excellent alkali resistance, durable: high tensile strength and deformation resistance, crack prevention: no deterioration, no foam: excellent self-adhesive, do not need to be coated in advance, quick to use, easy to construct.

Construction Method

1. Keep walls clean and dry.
2. Put tape on the crack and press it tight.
3. Make sure the gap is covered with tape, then cut off excess tape with a knife and brush with mortar.
4. Let it air dry, then lightly sand it with a construction hammer.
5. Fill with enough paint to smooth the surface of the wall.
6. Remove the leaking tape. Then, note that all cracks have been properly repaired, and use a fine composite material to retouch around the seam to make it clean and fresh.

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