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Alkali-resistant multifunctional glass fiber mesh cloth

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Glass fiber mesh cloth is based on alkali glass fiber as the base material, after being placed coated with high polymer alkali resistant emulsion, good alkali resistance, strong tensile resistance, feel stick to the construction, but also can fully reduce the consumption of plastered mortar, greatly improve the progress of the project, no rebound phenomenon, avoid the mortar layer is easy to empty the hidden trouble, known as the building “soft reinforcement”.

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With the rapid development of the construction industry and the country's land policy update, the common clay sintering brick has gradually withdrawn from the market. More and more buildings require the use of light, environmental protection, good insulation performance of the wall, aerated concrete block, this light material is widely used in residential, workshop, office building and other buildings. But this kind of engineering material crack problem has not been well solved, for many years troubled the construction market. In fact, this plastering material problem can be solved by adding alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth to the aerated concrete block wall.
Glass fiber mesh cloth as the strengthening material of external wall insulation surface, the main function is to improve the mechanical strength of the surface, ensure the continuity of the resistance of the surface, disperse the shrinkage pressure and insulation stress of the surface; Avoid stress concentration, resist the surface cracking caused by the change of temperature and humidity in nature and accidental impact, because alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth plays an important function and role in the external insulation system, so the selection of good glass fiber mesh cloth is also an important part to ensure the comprehensive quality of the external insulation system. Therefore, it is best to hang glass fiber mesh cloth throughout the house.
Glass fiber mesh cloth is environmentally friendly, the core material of glass fiber mesh cloth is glass fiber yarn, the material itself is flame retardant, has a certain recycling value.

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