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Durable fiberglass mesh for alkali resistance

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plastic bag for inner packing then put on the carton.
Put on Pallet for out packing if need it.
Grid cloth is alkali or alkali free glass fiber yarn woven, alkali resistant polymer emulsion coated glass fiber grid cloth series products: alkali resistant GRC glass fiber grid cloth, alkali resistant wall enhancement, Mosaic special mesh pieces and stone, marble back stick grid cloth

  • Area weight: 160gr/m2
  • Mesh size: 5X5mm
  • Color: white blue green orange etc.
  • Roll size: 1m×50m
  • Packing: each roll is packed in shrink-wrap film or
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    Introduction to use

    1, preparation of polymer mortar must be responsible for the special person, to ensure the quality of mixing.
    2. Turn the bucket cover counterclockwise to open it, and re-stir the binder with a mixer or other tools to avoid separation of the binder. Stir moderately to avoid quality problems.
    3, polymer mortar mix ratio: KL binder: 425# sulfoaluminate cement: sand (with 18 mesh screen bottom) : = 1:1.88:3.25 (weight ratio).
    4. After the cement and sand dosage bucket is weighed, pour it into the iron ash tank for mixing. After mixing evenly, add the binder according to the mix ratio and stir. Water may be added appropriately according to workability.
    5. Water for concrete.
    6, polymer mortar should be used with, with good polymer mortar is best in 1 hour. Polymer mortar should be kept in a cool place, away from sunlight.
    7. Cut the mesh pieces from the whole roll of glass fiber mesh cloth according to the required length and width in advance, leaving the necessary lap length or the length of the overlapping part.
    8, in a clean and smooth place to cut, blanking must be accurate, cut good mesh cloth must be rolled up, not allowed to fold, not allowed to tread.
    9, in the Yang corner of the building to do strengthening layer, strengthening layer should be attached to the most inside, 150mm on each side.
    10, apply the first time polymer mortar, should keep the EPS board surface dry, remove harmful substances or impurities.
    11, on the surface of the polystyrene board scraping a layer of polymer mortar, the scraping area should be slightly larger than the length or width of the net cloth, the thickness should be consistent about 2mm, in addition to the edge requirements, polymer mortar is not allowed to be painted on the side of the polystyrene board.
    12, after scraping polymer mortar, should be arranged on the net, the bending surface of the net cloth toward the wall, from the center to the four sides of the smear coating, so that the net cloth embedded in polymer mortar, net cloth should not wrinkle, to be dry surface, and then on the spread of a layer of polymer mortar, thickness 1.0mm, the net cloth should not be exposed.
    13. The lap length around the mesh cloth shall not be less than 70mm. In the part that is cut off, the mesh lap shall be used, and the lap length shall not be less than 70mm.
    14, the doors and Windows should be strengthened around the layer, strengthen the layer of grid cloth attached to the most inside. If the distance between the outer skin of the door and window frame and the surface of the base wall is greater than 50mm, the grid cloth is pasted with the base wall. If the size is less than 50mm, flip the bag. The grid cloth laid on the large wall should be embedded in the outside of the door and window frame and glued firmly.
    15. At the four corners of the door window, after the standard net is applied, a 200mm×300mm standard net is affixed to the four corners of the door window, which is placed at a 90 degree Angle with the bisector of the window Angle and affixed to the outermost corner for strengthening; In the shade corner with a 200mm long, width suitable for the window width standard mesh, attached to the outside.
    16, a layer of windowsill below, in order to prevent damage caused by impact, should be first placed enhanced mesh cloth, and then placed standard mesh cloth. Strengthen the mesh fabric should butt.
    17, the construction method of the placement of the strengthening layer is the same as that of the standard mesh fabric.
    18, the wall paste grid cloth should be covered in the mesh cloth over the package.
    19, the net cloth is applied from top to bottom, synchronous construction is applied first enhanced mesh cloth, and then do standard mesh cloth
    20, after the net cloth should prevent rain erosion or impact, easy collision Yang Angle, doors and Windows should take protective measures, feeding port parts to take anti-pollution measures, surface damage or pollution must be treated immediately.
    21, after the construction of the protective layer can not be rain within 4 hours.
    22, the protective layer after the final set water maintenance, day and night average temperature above 15℃ shall not be less than 48 hours, below 15℃ shall not be less than 72 hours

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