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Fiberglass mesh designed to resist alkali

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plastic bag for inner packing then put on the carton.

Put on Pallet for out packing if need it.

  • Area weight: 110 gr/m2
  • Mesh size: 5X5mm
  • Color: white blue green orange etc.
  • Roll size: 1m×50m
  • Packing: each roll is packed in shrink-wrap film or
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    Where is the grid cloth generally used

    Grid cloth is generally used in cement, plaster and walls. Grid cloth can strengthen the skeleton material of cement products, plastic and rubber products, so as to prevent cracks in the wall. Because grid cloth will be stronger and more durable than ordinary cloth, grid cloth is often used in the advertising industry, such as: high-rise wall advertising and so on.

    What is grid cloth

    1, grid cloth is alkali or alkali free glass fiber yarn as raw materials, after alkali resistant polymer anti-emulsion soaking coating glass fiber is a new alkali resistant product. Grid cloth has the advantages of alkali resistance, flexibility, longitude and latitude high tensile strength, so it is often widely used in the construction of thermal insulation, waterproof, crack resistance and other walls of buildings.

    Grid cloth has good chemical stability, high strength, light weight, good dimensional stability, strong impact resistance, insect prevention, fire prevention, heat preservation and other characteristics, so it is favored by the majority of consumers. There are many kinds of grid cloth, including: alkali resistant GRC glass fiber grid cloth, alkali resistant wall mesh and stone mesh cloth, marble back stick grid cloth and so on.

    How to choose a good grid cloth

    1. The standard mesh cloth with good quality has good alkali resistance in the selection of materials. The advantages are all alkali resistance and high warp and weft tensile resistance, guardrail are made of platinum. The emulsion is woven with glass fiber as the base material. Make the product with good feel and good construction adhesion, greatly reduce the amount of plastering mortar.
    2, the poor glass fiber mesh cloth price is very cheap, break two times, the production process for clay crucible wire drawing, glass fiber is usually made of some beer bottles of waste glass. The production process is prohibited by the state surface coating is not alkali resistant emulsion. From the intuitive point of view: workmanship is rough, generally in the market to sell more Runjuan, often appear lack of length, easy to shift, and easy to stab the skin. This kind of mesh cloth is used in insufficient insulation quality. The contact is not solid layer in general after two months to lose its strength, if the sand will knock off the grid cloth, as long as a gentle grind, the glass fiber yarn will be powdered.
    3, there is another called imitation platinum glass fiber mesh cloth. But sometimes it is difficult to judge the authenticity, its quality is in any case full do not do enough external wall insulation from the appearance of the real alkali grid cloth requirements. Fiber diameter is relatively fine, glass selection through plate broken glass, also known as mixed yarn. It's an imitation of a flat glass fiber that's usually quite clear.

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