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Alkali-resistance Fiberglass Mesh

Short Description:

Glass fiber mesh cloth is made of glass fiber woven fabric, which is coated by anti emulsion soaking. Thus it has good alkali resistance, flexibility and high tensile strength of longitude and latitude, and can be widely used in building internal and external wall insulation, waterproof, crack resistance, etc.Its technical performance: good grid fixed quality, high strength, good adhesion with cement mortar, good fit, good positioning, alkali resistance is very outstanding.

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Product Characteristics

Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, cement corrosion resistance, and other chemical corrosion resistance; Strong bond with resin, soluble in styrene.
High strength, light weight, can effectively avoid the plaster layer overall surface tension contraction and external force caused by cracking.
Stiff, flat, not easy to shrink deformation, good positioning.
Good toughness, good impact resistance.
Anti-mildew and anti-insect.
Fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, insulation.
Product use
Wall reinforcement materials (such as wall glass fiber mesh cloth, GRC wall panels, EPS internal and external wall insulation panels, gypsum board, etc.)
Reinforced cement products (e.g. Roman column, flue, etc.).
Granite, Mosaic mesh, marble back stick net.
Waterproof coil cloth, asphalt roof waterproof.
Skeleton materials for reinforced plastics and rubber products.
Fireproof board.

What is the life of glass fiber mesh cloth related to?

1. Quality of the product itself
If it is the quality of the grid cloth itself, the thermal insulation performance can not meet the requirements, easy to bring great hidden dangers to users.
2. Professional construction
If the construction is not professional, the cost will increase and the risk factor is high.
Some inferior products cause great hidden trouble to users. Another reason for the arrival of the service life of grid cloth is the professionalism of the construction. The glass fiber grid donation work is very important. A good construction team can grasp every detail and achieve fine construction.

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